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Cross Borders International presents
Management Courses in the field of Human Resources


    Cross Borders Management Courses

    Management skills in the field of human resources
    1. Staff recruitment: When a firm is in need of new people, it is important that the new comers fit well in the needs of the company, as well as in the team in which they will function. On the basis of elementary business models, you learn how to make the best selection decisions and how to use this process in enhancing the strengths of your business.
    2. Working in teams: the company operates better when the individual development of its people recognises the power of teams. As the saying goes, "one plus one can make more than two", if there is a good symbiosis between people in the teams.
    3. Management of people: What is there more important than managing and motivating the people in your company? As they will bring the new ideas, they will harness their skills and knowledge to make the company reach its objectives. The most important resource of the company, this is the quality of the people and the teams in it. Within this course you will learn the basic motivational practices and will be more comfortable in committing people in implement the tasks of the company.
    4. Full proprietary diagnostics and alignment with the best international practices.

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