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    In addition to our numerous international communication projects, that we are continuously completing in liaison with our dedicated associates and business partners for our international clients in various industries...

    ... we are pleased to share that we have undertaken the following selected projects to boost better international business opportunities and offer creative, more effective means for promotion:

    06/10/2017 Targetwise International is launching a best practice approach translations service to assist our long term clients in the technical industries with seamless service and reliable quality at all times.

    We have reviewed the practice worldwide, to streamline our service according to the best global practices. A team with a decade of professional background and accumulated skills is available to take new orders and assure continuity.

    01/12/2016: TargetWise and Cross Borders International establish successful courses line to support business managers in Bulgaria...

    01/09/2015: We are excited to have had been invited to lead in a recruitment training with a very close long-term partner of our company, IHR. The training was a great success and more are planned on the list.

    01/04/2015: This year is marked with a new partnership, emerging from a long-term and nurtured relationship. Following negotiations with Transatlantic Translations and TransTrans UK, Targetwise is now representing TransTrans UK, as a follow up of the 6 year representation of Transatlantic Translations. We continue our association with Transatlantic but are an independent player in the Netherlands and the Benelux at large.

    01/04/2015: Targetwise is representing Brands&Borders - your best partner in brand-names checks. Ask us for more information.

    03/03/2014: We have identified the need for providing professional translations to internationally operating companies as a number one priority. It is an important milestone in business. We have further expanded our ability to provide sworn translation in almost any language.

    10/10/2013: Supplying technical personnel.

    5/5/2013: Outplacement project for a big international oil and gas company.

    9/9/2012: Targetwise is joining interests with Balkan Treat to promote the unique products of Bulgaria (wine, rose oil and more) into the European markets.

    14/5/2012: An associated consultant to HR projects in Sofia/ Bulgaria.

    14/1/2012: Undertaking numerous new communications and translations projects.

    08/02/2011: In partnership with IHR in Sofia, Bulgaria, developing a plan for human resources benchmarking practices

    02/02/2011: New reorganisation project in partnership with IHR in Sofia, Bulgaria

    05/05/2010: Development of an Cross-culture Business Management course

    08/06/2009: To share our expertise in marketing and market research translations, Targetwise attended the Marketing Expo in the RAI in Amsterdam
    We have attended the MarCom09 event in Amsterdam and are pleased to help all our new clients from that event with the best translations in the industry.

    05/01/2009: To provide our clients with the wanted solutions -adapted to less advantageous economic times -Targetwise International is investing in evaluation of the best outsourcing centre in lower-wage environment to offer our clients overtaking of activities like back-office and admin support
    We will soon be able to offer a full-service back office support, which will be streamlined to serve your particular business needs.

    07/10/2008 Dutch companies to be presented with LangCommLive
    It is hardly imaginable these days that we miss opportunities in business. So much is available in terms of technology, also in terms of uniting international resources to serve local needs.

    Targetwise International is busy preparing for a round-show of this seamlessly useful service for international business people. We are planning to meet with every interested party during the coming three months, in order to help businesses in their totally international business ventures.

    This service, LangCommLive, sounds probably as an innovation on the market, yet we believe one day each international traveller will possess their dial-card and will be able to communicate with all business parties, without any language barrier.

    06/10/2008 Targetwise International is discussing illustrator and artist offers to offer in our portfolio as part of supportive communication means
    We have reviewed the offers of emerging new illustrators as well as established artists, that have proven their way of vivid art communication. Their work is suitable respectively as illustration for publications, or alternatively in terms of art for business relations.

    If you are interested to discuss details, please contact us.