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    07/04/ 2018: Targetwise expresses our gratitude to all dedicated relations that have worked with us through the years, as well as to all newly created relations that make us who we are. Without you, we would not have been able to invest in continuous improvements to the benefit of all our current and future customers. Currently, Targetwise enjoys serving our clients in a rich spectrum of industries: from energy and oil and gas, through packaging and engineering, to marketing and market research; to name but a few. No industry is unknown to us, and we like exploring as there is no challenge that we have not been able to meet up to today.

    10/11/ 2017: Targetwise invests in a new translations practice to support our long-term clients in the technical industries. The best practices world-wide have been investigated in order to be applied for a complete upgrade of our services.

    07/07/ 2016: Targetwise unites forces with Cross Borders International, to introduce management educational courses in Bulgaria and boost international business: Cross Borders International - click to review

    23/03/ 2016: It is advisable to register your bright ideas. Which ideas can you protect at CC Proof? It is recommended to register every document of which you might deem it necessary to prove that it is your work. Your CC Proof account makes this possible because it allows you to register an unlimited amount of documents. Click here to register your idea: CC Proof Copyright Management

    To view our video for Your bright ideas registration, please click here: Register your idea

    08/03/ 2016: Market research is an industry where the most punctual translations are needed. One mistake, and the results are completely wrong. If you master Market research translations, then you master all industries translations. To see our video for Market Research Translations, please click here: Market Research Translations Video

    ALL-IN-ONE TEXT SOLUTION - click to review

    As a dedicated partner to LangCommLive, we are also able to help you with a Telephone Interpreter into more than 150 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    01/01/ 2016: Have you got a new product name, logo, slogan? You want to check these in an international context? Let us help you. Targetwise is introducing, as part of TransTrans Europe, Brands&Borders: the seamless solution for brandname checks. Coming soon: check http://brandsandborders.com/.

    01/09/ 2015: Targetwise is creating and giving an inter-company course in recruitment, in partnership with IHR.

    05/07/ 2015: Targetwise is helping professionals with coaching and advice for a better reaslisation on the labour market.

    14/04/ 2015: Targetwise is attending the Week van de Ondernemer in Utrecht.

    24/11/ 2014: Targetwise is attending the 6th World Bulk Wine expo at RAI in Amsterdam.

    13/09/ 2014: Targetwise is meeting with high tech professionals at the IBC expo in Amsterdam.

    25/06/ 2014: Targetwise is meeting with marine professionals at the Marine expo in Amsterdam.

    14/05/ 2014: Targetwise is supporting IHR (International Human Resources) in international projects.

    28/04/ 2014: Targetwise is working in close co-operation on mutual HR development projects with the only licensed representative of Investors in People in Bulgaria, IHR (International Human Resources).

    7/11/ 2013: Targetwise is meeting with Market Research and Innovation specialists.

    6/11/ 2013: Targetwise is meeting oil and gas and technical companies at Europort, Rotterdam.

    10/10/2013: Targetwise International is supplying technical personnel to international companies.

    5/5/2013: Targetwise International – in close co-operation with IHR - is executing an outplacement project for a leading international oil and gas company.

    1/02/2013: Targetwise International is an associated consultant to IHR for a large restructuring project in Sofia/ Bulgaria.

    09/09/2012: Targetwise International explores opportunities for Bulgarian luxury wine introduction into the Dutch and European markets.

    13/02/2012: Targetwise International is conducting a research into modernisation and boost of the East European human resources market.

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