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    NEWS - ARCHIVE 2010-2011

    14/05/2011: Targetwise International offers sworn translations for the needs of businesses on the Dutch market.

    02/02/2011: Together with our dedicated business partner IHR, Targetwise International starts a large reorganisation project for the needs of a big international organisation with representation in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    23/12/2010: Targetwise International wishes all our clients, partners and friends pleasant holidays and a winning and rewarding 2011!

    10/10/2010: Targetwise International is working on a concise business course in intercultural management and communication - a new training for our customers in Eastern Europe.
    Our international consultants network has come together to create an effective course on intercultural communications for business clients in Eastern Europe, ready to broaden their markets within the continent and further. The course is to take place in the new year's first quarter in Sofia, Bulgaria and then once popular, be made available for also other neighboring markets.

    23/08/2010: Targetwise International is proud to work with various and more diversified industries now more than ever in the field of translations and copywriting.
    Together with our business sister companies Transatlantic Translations and Steve Calder & Associates, we have witnessed a big growth in various industries translations, which tells us that international business in Europe and beyond is only increasing. This gives a positive feeling, having in mind the previously believed trend of descending business due to the world economic downturn.

    14/05/2010: Targetwise International connects with a Bulgarian Human Resources top level head-hunters company, to be able to better help our international partners looking for business opportunities in Bulgaria.
    We have joined forces with a prominent Bulgarian company, to be able to better respond to the international need for personnel of high value, professional insight, experience and reliability.

    03/03/2010: Targetwise International notes successful business development in Bulgaria and can testify for great international opportunities thereof.
    Beginning with our representation in Bulgaria, we have observed many chances for us but also for partners of ours both here in The Netherlands and abroad, for successful business ventures with Bulgarian parties. One of the areas where there are excellent opportunities for business growth, based on such ventures, is the one seen by companies like HP, Microsoft and other in the industry. But also, there are undiscovered potentials that can be very much of business interest, once explored. We shall happily assist you through our well-established network now.

    26/01/2010: Targetwise International is proud to announce that we have now appointed Mr. Desislav Georgiev as our official representative in Bulgaria.
    Desislav Georgiev is a long-term business partner of ours, and we are pleased to welcome him now in our team. He has shown his outstanding entrepreneurship through the years. As an owner of a company in the financial services sector he has been helping corporate and private clients manage their finances, nationally and internationally. He is a Master graduate in International Economic Relations and has a multi-lingual background. This, together with his successful record as a financial and trading expert, make him our ideal colleague in this great emerging market. "I definitely see the potential for international initiatives within my market and chances across borders for Bulgarian products too, and am excited to take on the challenge to develop the best opportunities for our clients. Targetwise gives us this ideal opportunity to undertake the process from all sides, strategically and practically, and I am sure that we will have a number of excellent international success stories very soon", said Desislav Georgiev on his start.

    01/01/2010: Targetwise International wishes a Happy 2010 to all their international relations

    30/10/2009: Targetwise International assists a prominent Bulgarian agricultural producer in their entrance into the Benelux market

    04/06/2009: Targetwise International welcomes our new clients from MarCom 09

    14/05/2009: Targetwise International is attending MarCom09 to meet with communication industry colleagues and ensure the best multilingual communications assistance
    Due to the specialistic nature of cross-border marketing communication, it is crucial to stay in touch with industry professionals and colleagues, liase with the right partners in business, tune our knowledge in order to be able to think innovatively, and stay in the lead in terms of international communication support. Hence, we will be attending the MarCom 09 two days expo and seminars, and welcome pre-appointments.

    14/04/2009: Targetwise International is rendering support in relocation for foreign personnel of International Companies in The Netherlands
    The Netherlands is a truly international working place. When international companies attract foreign personnel, there is so much that has to be arranged for the new comers (the expats): a living place, school for their children, various legalisations and other formalities. For these, we have a solution. We have found the best company in the business (Graywolf Relocation), with large experience in the field to offer exactly that kind of practical help. Whenever relocation comes on order, we will be pleased to introduce you to a small but dedicated team of facilitators that will arrange it all for your international employees: to your total peace of mind and completely in line with your requirements.

    13/01/2009: Targetwise International is now able to offer seamless solutions for outsourcing of back-office and support services
    Our attempt to organise this so-useful outsourcing possibility has resulted in success. Together with a very experienced Bulgarian partner, having organised such services for over five years, we can offer an effective and inexpensive solution for all activities like database management, back-office, call centres and more. The opportunities are limitless and we can tailor the service to the particular client's business needs, so any interested business is welcome to talk to us.

    28/11/2008: Sofia, Bulgaria: MasterClass in Presentation Skills, given by the Presentation guru David Bloch, and organised by Targetwise International in co-operation with CEED, was completed with great success
    "I would like to thank you once again for the great opportunity to meet David Bloch and to participate in the seminar. I have to admit that I have not been in a such an entertaining and inspiring seminar until now. I only regret it was so short – just a day – but it will be so memorable for me!", wrote one of the participants, followed by many after. We are pleased that we have managed to offer the Bulgarian market such an opportunity, which will undoubtedly be followed by other similar business initiatives in the near future.

    13/10/2008: Targetwise International is now able to provide business organisations with a spectrum of training and business optimisation possibilities
    Our executives have accumulated a large training and performance improvement expertise through the years, working with world leading organisations in various industries. Today, we feel it is our duty to offer it also to our direct clientelle as an option.

    We would be delighted to review your training and performance improvement needs and construct an action plan, as well as help you execute it.

    We provide as of now the following services:
    1) Training tailored to your international organisation needs
    2) Training workshops in various areas like presentation and selling skills.
    3) Training development and performance improvement, both web-based (e-learning) and classroom focused.

    07/10/2008: Targetwise International invests in launching a seamless international business service for the international business traveller
    While it has been entirely useful for the police force and health authorities and financial organisations, the service of telephone interpreting is becoming more and more popular among international travellers. Targetwise International is now presenting business travellers with unique opportunities that if known earlier, would have boosted their business potential to unknown heights.

    Targetwise International is taking on a presentation tour around Dutch business organisations, to demonstrate this extremely efficient add-on to their business growth potential.

    27/06/2008: Targetwise International partners with APfx Services
    To provide a better and more comprehensive support to our international clients, we have entered into a partnership with APfx Services and are now able to offer also currency risk minimisation support.

    In co-operation with APfx Services we offer a highly personalised service to Corporate Clients who have a foreign currency requirement, giving access to competitive rates, live prices and offering advice on planning and timing to minimise risks in currency markets.

    If you are interested to discuss details, please contact us.