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Cross Borders International presents
Management Courses in the field of Sales


    Cross Borders Sales Courses

    Management skills in the field of Sales
    1. Sales: Main course in the development of sales and business.
    2. Customer service: Basic course in customer service – especially suitable for the strengthening of hotel and restaurant business entities.
    3. Presentation skills: for each firm on different levels it is necessary to present one’s idea, service or product. With this course you learn how to present your ideas and plans in the most convincing way.
    4. How to attract customers and how to keep them: When we see that our customer base does not grow with sufficient pace, apparently it is time to invest in new ways of sales in which to attract new clients. Attracting new clients should not mean that we lose what we already have: the clients that bring us wealthy relationship, which are already our partners in business, the ones that invest regularly in our services and products. It is no longer sufficient to offer a good product or service. Important are also the properties of our service and the additional benefits that we offer our clients, by which we make a difference and distinguish ourselves from competition.

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