sworn translation (beëdigde vertalingen)

As examples, see what the Immigration and Naturalisation service advises:

Information in the English language

Information in the Dutch language



For the needs of international business deals, you may encounter yourselves in need for a sworn translation, a translation done by a sworn translator.

We have a range of proven sworn translators in many languages, also including more rare combinations, and we offer also the service to legalise the documents for you at the respective authorities.

For any of your sworn translations requirements, we have a team that is ready to act. They will arrange the sworn translation is done by the right translator, as well as that all further legalisations are in place. These may include: apostil from the court, seals from Chamber of Commerce, ministries and embassies.

TargetWise helps with sworn translation and legalisation

We keep to strict confidentiality terms and will go the extra mile to make sure your project is delivered on target, on time.

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