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You’ve come to the right place: TargetWise.

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After over a decade of experience in branding, we live with the ideas of our clients: the world spanned naming specialists.

You, as a branding specialist know how much energy it takes to come up with an innovative name like ‘Google’ or ‘Bluetooth’!?

Think about the many sleepless nights the creation of a winning slogan in the UK market like “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” has taken for the Swedish vacuum manufacturer Electrolux and what an embarrassment that they did not check the slogan before introducing it on the US market… A tiny effort, we would think…

From a very recent interview, conducted by a veteran in the branding industry, the pitfalls in branding were outlined to show how clever brains tap into numerous dictionaries to crystallize several potential brands that can position their

product on the top shelves. And are brands like PayPal and FedEx contrary to the linguistics rules, or is there a new creativity that will break the rules forever?

We are proud to liaise with top companies, to make sure their hard work and sleepless nights will result in top international brand names, sparing them every worry.

With our international pool of brand-name checkers, we can offer certainty and total peace of mind.

We do not participate in the creative branding process, but we cooperate in it, as we check the names in EVERY potential market of our customers, to prevent disasters like the one with Electrolux.

Contact us now! We can’t wait to hear from you and combine our creative forces!