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Legal Translation

You’ve come to the right place: TargetWise.

We are the right hand of many lawyers’ offices and legal departments as we stand for justice, clear commercial practices and expanding business opportunities. We love contributing to a better world.

Whether it is a question of translating a contract or helping with a difficult case, we are always there to support.

Our mission for helping with legal cases has helped us gain respect across the legal industry and we are often asked to interpret or take part in on-going translation projects.

We often make a 2-languages, 2-column contracts for easy reference, or help with a difficult mergers and acquisition restructuring. We also have extensive experience in, for example, financial arrangements contracts, working with banks and financial institutions.

We are all here, ready to work in close cooperation with you, to create communication products that make a real difference.

Contact us now! We can’t wait to hear from you and combine our creative forces!