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Technical Translation

You’ve come to the right place: TargetWise.

Flat industry background

For the last decade, we have devoted special attention to our technical clients, in sectors such as the Oil and Gas, Energy, Packaging and Labelling, Defense, Aeronautics, and many more.

We realize that terminology is not the only issue that many agencies have not yet fully grasped. And of course, we have all the necessary technical tools in place to solve any terminology or consistency issue. We are also working on

incorporating all the new tools available on the market into our processes. We strive to ensure we stay ahead with the fast pace of today’s technological development.

It is also generally understood that processes also make a difference with this type of translation.

We are well-prepared: we have a network of specialist translators, who add the final touches to industry-specific jargon and terminology, where needed.

We provide industry-specific specialist, experienced translators in many other fields too, for example, agriculture and horticulture. We have the best linguistic resources, such as specialized dictionaries and databases at our finger-tips and we support our translators in delivering the best of work at all times.

We are all here, ready to work in close cooperation with you, to create communication products that make a real difference.

Contact us now! We can’t wait to hear from you and combine our creative forces!