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Website Localization

You’ve come to the right place: TargetWise.


Via a combination of regional and market insight – and a thorough awareness of contemporary and cultural trends and influences – TargetWise’s carefully selected associates ensure that your communications are targeted so effectively that your customers will believe they’ve been developed locally.

And our services span the globe – ranging from the core European languages to non-Roman alphabets, including Russian and Greek.

Targetwise can handle almost all your localisation needs, from marketing collateral and corporate business communications, to legal documentation and technical data sheets. The accuracy of our work is backed by a unique guarantee.

To ensure the very highest standards of accuracy, relevance, clarity and effectiveness, every single TargetWise project is checked, thoroughly, by a second native speaker, before it is dispatched to you.

Of course, such attention to detail carries a small premium. But, where your business’s cross border expansion is

concerned, can you afford to leave anything – least of all, your marketing and other corporate communications – to chance?

Eliminating inaccurate, ineffectual, or even misleading copy will, at worst, spare your company any embarrassment. At best, it could keep you out of court.

So why take the risk – when a detailed quotation is just an email/call away.

Send us an email, or call us find out more.

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