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Investment Flat Decorative Icon SetAttentive Service
TargetWise as a small boutique firm aims at thinking big, but staying attentive. Each and every client is of the utmost importance to us. Despite our growth, we ensure that we do not lose the personal touch and attentive connection in being a caring business partner. This is where many of our big competitors fail. And we build upon this strong, unique relation with our clients.

Quality Control
We employ a rigorous internal process that keeps us lean and takes into account the important milestones that ensure that we deliver the best quality for the needs of our clients.

Shared Knowledge
We have more than 20 years’ experience in translation, and all related services. We keep up-to-date with the latest technology and developments, and we share this knowledge for the benefit of our circle of dedicated clients and customers.

Shared Values

Our people are renowned for their positive thinking, their dynamic approach and their boundless energy – attributes which are essential to your success.

Knowledge and Experience
Our ‘multi-specialists’ are skilled and experienced in a wide range of industries and business disciplines. They hunger for continual improvement, and – accordingly – we invest in their continued education and personal growth.

Our multinational team enables us to fully understand, through experience, the many cultural differences that exist, within and between your target markets. And we work to turn that diversity into a business asset – for us, and for you.

We strive to offer only industry leading products and solutions.

Although our services are based upon proven methodologies, we are not afraid to innovate where necessary, tailoring our approach and developing brand new techniques to fulfil your specific needs.

Contact us now! We can’t wait to hear from you and combine our creative forces!